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Wayfinding Items

Trail Maps & Confidence Markers have long been a staple of the products produced by Genesis Graphics. 


Whether your need is for a half dozen trail intersection maps or enough confidence markers to blaze a trail a thousand miles long, we can provide for your needs. 


Trail maps consist of a 3mm polymetal backing with a digital print & protective laminate applied to the top surface.  11.75x11.75 inches is the standard finished size.  Custom sizes are available. 


Confidence Markers are generally a subsurface screen print on a polycarbonate sheet, applied to an .063 aluminum backer. 


Trail blazes are produced on .055 polyethylene material.  They can either be screen printed with specific information or left blank.  Select solid colors are available. 


Reflective Decal Trail Blazes are also available for placement on Carsonite posts or other backing materials.

Genesis Graphics is a manufacturer of wayfinding panels as those seen along the roadside as you enter National Park Service lands, National Wildlife Refuges and the like.


These panels consist of either a polymetal panel or a .75 in. HDO boards, overlaid with brown & white reflective vinyl graphics.  Full color graphics may also be added depending on circumstances.


Genesis Graphics can work with your provided artwork or aid you in producing the graphics for a custom project. 

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