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Sayklly's is Upper Michigan's premier candy maker...noted for dipped-chocolate nut clusters and much, much more.


We were contacted to make three mini billboards to be installed on the sides of their retail shop located along Upper Michigan's busiest highway.


One caveat of the project was to do a photo-shoot of a box of chocolates to be enlarged up to a four foot by eight foot size.  One of the main concerns was to get just the right amount of gloss highlighting on the chocolates...making them look fresh and yummy!


Another concern was to digitally correct for any broken nuts that occur naturally during the manufacturing process.


The greatest concern though are we going to get through this photo-shoot without dipping into the chocolates.  Mmmm.


The candy box top is a three-dimensional piece installed on top of the graphic boards.


Overall size is eight feet by twelve feet.


Solvent printed decal graphics with a uv laminate were applied to polymetal boards.


Photos, graphic design, production and installation was done by Genesis Graphics.


Did I mention the most difficult part of the project was not dipping into the chocolates until the photos were shot?  Mmmm.


You can find out more about Sayklly's Candies at

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