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Real Estate - Job Site - Yard Signs

Genesis Graphics has been producing signage for Real Estate Companies throughout the Upper Peninsula for years.


Whether you are a well established franchise or just starting up, we can assist you with your sign and frame needs.


Most common is the standard 18x24 in. sign and angle iron slide-in frame combination along with a 6x24 in. rider sign. Custom sizes and specialty one-of-a- kind situations are available as well.

Each political season we are involved in the production of screen printed yard signs.


A standard sign consists of a sheet of H20 waterproof card stock screen printed and then folded to make a two-sided sign that is 14x22 in. The ends of the sign are then stapled together by your election volunteers and placed on a U-shaped wire that is inserted into the ground.


An alternative to the card stock sign is a printed plastic sleeve that slides over a wire frame. Standard size on this type is 20x32 in.  If your quantity is 500 pieces or above, this may be an economical choice.


Whether your campaign needs require just a couple of dozen signs, or several thousand, we would like to partner with you.


Please call to discuss your project.


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