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Photo Restoration

Occasionally a client will come to us with a family irreplaceable photo. One that has been damaged in some form. Perhaps it went through a fire and was water damaged...or maybe Father Time has just simply not been nice to it and over the years it began to fade or tear or warp and buckle.

Though we don't work miracles here at Genesis Graphics...some of our clients have thought we've come close. It's amazing what can be accomplished through the use of today's digital technology and a skilled graphic technician.

If you have a photo that's dear to you, but is a little rough around the edges...maybe we can help. We will give you an honest assessment as to what we think can be done before you spend a dime.

One of the most rewarding parts of our job is to see the look on our client's face when they receive the finished piece after a successful restoration.

Let's take a look at your project!

photo restoration.jpg

Restored Image

Original Image

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