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Genesis Graphics can offer assistance in the development of a single sign or multiples along with strategizing ways we can effectively work within your budget.


From the beginning stages of creative development or the manufacture of signs from your own files we can provide checkpoints along the way to make sure your project is a success.


Using the list below will effectively guide you along in the process of bidding and producing your graphic panels and framing systems.


Project Summary

What kind of information do you want to see on your panels: historical, trail identification, directional, mapping, illustrations, photo references, etc.


Do you require our design services?

Sharing a little information about the project allows us opportunities to provide guidance in the development of your artwork. We offer a bulletin for your review for submitting elements of reference if this is area is of interest to you. Print ready files are acceptable and can be prepared according to our technical specifications supplied online.


We can also do online research for photos or provide an illustrator to provide appealing artwork for your panel. We would need assistance in identifying the items you want profiled.


What is the Quantity/Size/Thickness of your panels?

This information assists us in the bidding process and mounting recommendations. Size and thickness of panels will determine which style frame/pedestal or plate/pedestal is best suited for your project. There are alternatives for stretching the budget, please specify your requirements.


Mounting Information

Will your signs require an in-ground mount, surface mount, deck mount or non-typical mount? Genesis Graphics is a supplier of heavy gauged aluminum frame systems. We offer a variety of mounts to compliment your interpretive panels.


For more information, feel free to call on us to discuss your project in detail.

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