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Every now and then we get to work on a project that is unique.  One that is challenging and rewarding at the same time. This bank vault was one of those times.


The original plan was to move the old iconic vault to the new facility, but it was determined that the relocation would be too costly.  The vault is nearly 9 ft. tall and 16 ft. wide and weighs many tons.


As an alternative, we were hired by the Ness Construction Company to replicate the look of the old walk-in bank vault in their new facility.


We shot photos of the old vault using a Nikon D800.  Due to the size of the reproduction, four overlapping photos (see photos on top) were taken and stitched together in Adobe Photoshop.  One of the challenges was to remove the major glare coming off the glass on the locking mechanism on the door.  The other challenge was to match the lower portion of the print to look like the carpet that was going to be on the new floor.


The print was produced using a Roland solvent printer on a textured vinyl wallpaper.  It was printed in four forty-eight inch by nine foot sections and hung on location.  A photo of the installed completed print is to your left.


All of the work was done by Genesis Graphics from photography and file prep to print production and hanging.


One of the concerns voiced after installation was that some youngster may walk into the looked so life-like.


Mission Accomplished!

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