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At Genesis Graphics we're not afraid to go back to fact we continue to learn all of the time.


Whether we are attending a national trade convention, immersed in the many informative articles in the trade journals, attending on-line classes or sharing with our peers in our industry, we are constantly being educated...and that is a good thing.


These all aid in helping us keep up with the industry, which is changing rapidly.  This in turn...helps us give back to you...a high quality, up-to-date, we can both be proud of.


Speaking of school, it was a delight when Tim Gorenchan of North Country Legends, a world class taxidermy studio showed up with a school of fish for us to photograph.


Tim uses these photos to gain him entrance into taxidermy competitions across the country.


This particular shoot posed a challenge unlike photographing a creature with fur...that of trying to capture the likeness of the mount without a distracting glare caused by the high gloss sheen on the surface of the coated mount.


Knocking down the glare and still keeping detail in both the fish and their supporting mounts and pedestals was a challenge we were up for.


Tim has won "best-of-show" with these fish mounts...and you can win as well when you partner with Genesis Graphics.


You can see more of Tim's work at

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