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Artwork is created in many mediums. Some more common than others...and then, there is the artwork of Martha Fieber's.


Martha, creates exquisite landscape art by hand stitching thread in layer after layer after layer...building texture and detail into her fiber art.


Martha calls her work "Landscape in Thread". We here at Genesis Graphics call her work phenomenal!


A fiber artist calling Upper Michigan home, Martha Fieber and her husband Leonard, a unique artist in his own right, reside near Manistique, Michigan.


You can see more of Martha's work on her website


We here at Genesis have been fortunate to be able to photograph Martha's work for inclusion on her website as well as to present her work for inclusion into juried art shows.


Shooting Martha's work requires the ability to capture the intricate detail and sheen from the three dimensional and varied colored threads.


Among our love for art, we share another quality with Martha...we both believe that "attention to detail" is paramount to success.

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