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InterpreTUFF Installation Guides

Adhering to these guidelines will ensure a graphic panel performing well for many years.

A couple of points worth noting:

1) If the InterpreTUFF panel is placed into a frame, it should fit loosely so that it has some room for expanding and contracting. If the panel cannot expand and contract, the digital graphic on the face of the carrier (polymetal) board may be subject to a small amount of buckling or tunneling. A space the thickness of a credit card between the frame and panel itself is sufficient.

2) Do not caulk between the frame and the panel. Though that type of a seal may keep out moisture, it will impede the natural expansion and contraction of the graphic panel. The panels are completely weather proof and do not need to be sealed from moisture. Instead, use a frame (custom built or commercial grade) with weep holes on the bottom edge of the frame to relieve any moisture build-up.

3) When screwing an InterpreTUFF panel to a post or backer board, use a stainless steel washer and screw to prevent rusting. Also, lightly snug the screw and washer in the finishing process. Excess pressure as can occur using a power driver may stretch the graphic making for an opportunity to introduce buckling or tunneling.

InterpreTUFF Installation bulletins

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