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InterpreTUFF is the economy graphic panel that offers both a quality graphic and impressive outdoor durability for the price. InterpreTUFF was developed to fill a void in the interpretive sign industry, offering a superb graphic image, outdoor durability AND an economical price.


When should InterpreTUFF be used?

• If funds are limited; get the biggest bang for your buck.

• If your interpretive message (or trail) may change often.

• If a quick turn-around is imperative.


InterpreTUFF offers a high resolution digital print complete with vibrant colors and sharp text. It can resist gasoline, spray paint, etc. The velvet textured top coat over the polymetal backer provides double the UV inhibitors that most films offer and is a non-glare surface for easy viewing.


InterpreTUFF comes with a full 5-year Outdoor warranty.


Specifications: It consists of a 3mm Polymetal panel with a graphic overlay offering high UV protection, bringing the overall thickness to .135 in. This composite fits nicely into most frame systems made to accommodate a 1/8 in. panel. Custom sizes available up to 36x60 in.

InterpreTUFF 5_125x5_125.jpg

The test swatches below show real-life UV testing over 5 years outdoors in the Arizona desert, where each panel was misted twice daily with water to emulate a tropical environment.


Right Side: with UV protection. Left Side: without UV protection.

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