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Cleaning & Maintenance

of Interpretive Graphic Panels

Mild Soap and water is always best for general cleaning. Rinse with clean water after washing.


DO NOT use abrasive cleaners, acids, or acetone. They will damage the surface of the panel.


Graffiti (paint, crayon, felt tip marker, etc) can be removed using organic solvents, such as Simple Green®, Goof Off® or similar non-abrasive, citrus-based cleaners.


Very stubborn graffiti may require solvents, such as mineral spirits. Lacquer thinner can be used sparingly on InterpreTUFF Only-as a last resort (dampen clean soft rag and move over surface lightly.)  Note:  Do Not use lacquer thinner on Digital High Pressure Laminate signs.


As often is the case in ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  A periodic cleaning will keep your signs looking new...and attractive!  After-all, you've put a lot of effort and expense into making an attractive exhibit...why not keep it looking that way.  An interpretive sign that's well cared for is more inviting...and isn't that the intent of putting them out in the first place.  The more inviting the sign...the more the message is read.

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