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What do you get when you strategically place oil, cold wax, marble dust, and dry pigments onto a custom wooden board?


You get the ever-so-fascinating and beautiful artwork of Ginnie Cappaert.


Ginnie is a mixed media artist with studios located in both Michigan's Upper Peninsula as well as Wisconsin's famous "Door County".


She describes her work as "Abstract Landscape Art" and Ginnie is a master of using color, texture and the abstract form.


An excerpt from Ginnie's website describes both her attitude and her vision regarding the artwork she produces.


The peacefulness, the power and the beauty of the landscape has always intrigued her. She continues to express those qualities of the 'pristine' and 'unspoiled' landscape which is being threatened and is quickly vanishing. It is not a specific time or place, but an overall serene feeling of nature that she is trying to create.


Ginnie's website can be found at and on the about page on her site you will find a video clip allowing you a glimpse into her world.


We at Genesis Graphics consider it a privilege to be able to aid Ginnie in the digital capturing of her work, and to aid in putting her gallery presentation pages together.


The dedication that Ginnie gives to her craft continues to inspire other artists.  Anyone who knows her will testify to that.


We, here at Genesis Graphics, endeavor to display that same degree of the success of our clients.


Thank you Ginnie, for inspiring us.

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