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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know when ordering a product? More on ordering >>


What is the warranty information on Interpretive products? Warranty >>


What kind of digital files can I send? Technical Specs >>


Can you design my interpretive panels for me? Design Services >> Artwork Information >>


What kind of resolution do I need when submitting photos for digital files? Resolution>>


Can you help me work within my budget? Working within your budget >>


Can you help me look for photos and appropriate material for my panels? More on photo research >>


How would I improve the effectiveness of my panel?  Artwork Information >>


How long will it take to get my panels? Lead Time >>


How will my panels be shipped? Panel Information >>


Are there size limits? Panel Information >>


What happens if my panel/shipment arrives damaged? Making a claim/Acceptance >>


What is the warranty information on frames and exhibit bases I purchased from you? Warranty >>

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