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Kingston Pillowtop option 4.jpg

The call came in from Don with Clare Bedding. They are a manufacturer of several mattress lines with distribution throughout the nation.

"Can we set up a time with you to photograph a new series of mattresses we are developing? We will have to have you do it on site and in just a couple of days. We'll also need you to put together the images into a presentation we can send out to our distributors. Oh, by the way, there will be 16 individual pieces."

"We sure can about the day after tomorrow?" That was our response and the image you see here is the presentation format we produced for each of the 16 pieces in less than a weeks time. Photography, graphic design and digital files delivered for all 16 individual pieces.

Nimble and responsive are two words that come to mind as we attempt to service our clients needs. We will do our utmost to help you succeed in meeting your deadlines. With some projects...there's no time to sleep...and we are ok with that.

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